Packing for a two-day trip shouldn't seem difficult, but we often make it more complicated than it needs to be. No matter how or why you are traveling, knowing what to pack and what to leave at home will make your trip run as smoothly as possible.

1. Avoiding overpacking
Check the weather at your destination.
Pack a small umbrella if the forecast calls for rain. If an unexpected deluge happens at a time that you absolutely must be outside, ask your host or front desk at the hotel if you can borrow a larger umbrella.

2. Decide on your luggage
Decide on your luggage. Since you are only going on a two-day trip, smaller luggage is ideal. The perfect option is the 100% recycled St Kilda Weekender.

You can maximize limited space with a few packing tips:

Roll clothes that won’t wrinkle. These are usually tee-shirts, jeans, and casual clothes made of cotton. Place them in the bottom of your bag.

Fold clothes that can wrinkle. This includes cotton dress shirts, and anything made of silk or satin. Place them on top of rolled items.

Fold longer articles in half. This includes trousers and long skirts. To create even layers, drape the top of the second article on top of the bottom of the first.
Make use of spaces that remain. Look for smaller spaces between layers and between articles of clothing. Tuck socks, underwear, and chargers in these spaces.

3. Maximise your Mosman laptop bag

Make use of its additional space. In addition to your computer, use pockets for any necessary paper documents. Smaller pockets can fit MP3 players, ear buds, cell phones, flash drives, and business cards.

4. Packing your clothes
Pack only the clothes you need. Make a list of the activities you've planned. This will narrow your choices to the necessities. For example, if you're planning on sightseeing one day and a beach party the next, you won't need high heels or a formal dress. Sensible choices include:
2 shirts/blouses
2 trousers/jeans/skirts/shorts
3 pairs of underwear
1 set of pyjamas
3 pairs of socks

Choose clothes you can wear for multiple purposes or events. Narrow your color choices to neutral tones, which work for any occasion. Wear the same outfit enroute each way. Good choices for versatile clothes include:
A white shirt or blouse
Black, brown, or grey trousers/skirt
Black or brown sandals
Black or white athletic shoes

Limit your shoes. Unless you have multiple events planned during your two days away, you'll probably only need the shoes you're wearing. If you need to pack an extra pair of shoes, wear the heavier shoes whilst travelling, and pack the lighter shoes in your luggage. To prevent your clothes from getting dirty, wrap your shoes in a plastic bag.

5. Packing your toiletries
Check with your hotel ahead of time for a list of what will be provided. Most accommodations provide clothes irons, shampoo, conditioner, soap and/or shower gel. Some locations provide hair dryers, sewing kits, cotton balls, cotton swabs, and hand/body lotion.
Buy travel sizes. Even if you're not flying, opt for travel-sized containers. Pack them in the easily accessible Airlie Pouch Set. If you are flying, this will make the security check easier.

Happy travelling x