No longer confined to the office, the nine-to-five has had a versatile makeover. More people than ever are working from home, from cafés, even the great outdoors. Now that your workday can take place wherever you need it to, here’s how to navigate it successfully.

Working somewhere new can be great for your creativity, giving you new ideas and letting you collaborate with others in a different way. Keep in mind how you work best when choosing your new work environment. If you need quiet, somewhere peaceful like your home or a park might be the place for you, but if you thrive with plenty of background noise, working from a café might suit you better.

While you’re on your new commute to the coffee shop, make sure your laptop is protected from any bumps along the way with a padded compartment. It’s important to choose the right size for your device, so a perfectly-fitted case like the Paddington, which is available in multiple sizes, will ensure that your laptop stays stable while you’re on the move. A zippered style keeps your laptop secure while still allowing you easy access to your device for a smooth unpack and repack.

Make the most of your portable workspace by using a lightweight case with plenty of extra pockets, so that you can travel with ease. A well-organised laptop case will leave plenty of room on the table for your coffee, and having a pocket for all of your additional items means the one bag is all you need (and means you can be super efficient — think of all the time you’ll save when you can stop fishing around for a pen).

When you’re taking your laptop everywhere you go, choose something that will take you from home to a café, but still looks appropriate for the office if you need to drop by. A laptop case with multiple straps like the Mosman is a great way to be workplace-ready wherever you are; a formal option always looks sharp for a business meeting, but a casual style is the perfect companion to your new workday uniform of concert tee and jeans.

To maximise versatility, look for a style in sophisticated neutral shades like olive or tan. Even a black case can be anything but basic – sleek lines and an accent like a contrasting tone of hardware will set your bag apart from clunky or bulky traditional cases.

Even when you’re working from home, a laptop case is ideal to keep you organised and your work efficient. A bag with plenty of pockets will help keep your workspace clear (finally, a place for all those cables!), but more importantly, sliding your laptop out of your work bag can put you in the right mindset to stop thinking of your laptop as the device you watch Netflix on, and start feeling productive.